Fabrizia Mancini

Fabrizia was born and raised in Campobasso, a small city not too far from Rome.
Thanks to her upbringing and passion for language, she had the chance to study and practice languages such as French and English.
In addition, she studied linguistics since high school, thanks to her exposure to ancient languages such as Latin and Greek, idioms of great cultural value.
In 2010, while she was studying Russian, English literature and linguistics at La Sapienza in Rome, she won a scholarship to study and teach at Moscow State University, M. Lomonosov, which allowed her to improve her Russian and deepen her linguistic knowledge of the language.
In 2016, after getting her master’s degree at La Sapienza, she started giving private English lessons at home and at the same time began working at the hospital in her hometown as an administrative secretary.
She also taught English grammar to high school students at a language laboratory in Campobasso. Thanks to these intense courses of teaching, she came closer to the world of young people and their linguistic rules in detail, exposing the most common linguistic errors and trying to correct them. So far she has been lucky enough to travel across Europe and in February, 2018; she got the chance to teach Italian in the Italian private cultural center in Kiev, called Fabrizio de André.
She has given private lessons to Ukraine and Russian students of many different ages and she also started teaching online. From July to October of this year, she worked in a touristic resort in Syracuse as social media animator and IGR, meaning International Guest Relator, approaching and welcoming all the foreign guests. Her knowledge of both language and cultures, along with her passion for teaching, makes Fabrizia a tremendous addition to the LBR team.