Local Coordinator

Alessia Arcari

Alessia Arcari was born and raised in Rome, Italy, and is currently studying at the Sacro Cuore Catholic University of Rome, one of the most renowned medical institutes in Italy. Alessia has always had a passion for traveling, for exploring the world and understanding new cultures. She’s been fortunate to have visited many countries in Europe, the United States and South America, and she continues to seek new places year after year. This wanderlust has brought her into contact with many different people, and with a myriad of customs and cuisines. It was this very desire for discovery that made her spend a few months in Valencia, Spain, under the pan-European Erasmus Program. In addition to academic studies, this experience has brought her tremendous personal growth that she would have never found without traveling. Most importantly, traveling has deepened her appreciation for her own country; and no matter where she goes in the world, she always looks forward to coming home and sharing her culture with our LBR community.