Parlare é la chiave per imparare

Speaking is the key to learning

Getting ready for a trip to Italy, have some Italian relatives or simply love the language?

You’re in the right place!

With our experienced teachers, you will get all of the benefits of taking live lessons right from the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the world!

Our live online lessons are 100% personalized based on our students’ specific needs and goals. We believe that the best way to learn a language, second to living in the country, is by conversing in a realistic fashion. If you have an upcoming trip to Italy and you’re trying to learn the basics to be able to order your own food and call your own taxi, we will re-create those environments by doing fun skits to get you comfortable in a variety of situations. Or maybe you’re taking an Italian class in school and need help with the grammar understanding. No matter what your background and goals are, we are here to help you learn this beautiful language!

Time for your free 20-minute lesson! What do you say?

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recommended for children under the age of 10

If you are not satisfied or decide to interrupt lessons at any point, the remaining lessons purchased are 100% refundable.

Your happiness is our strength and your progress is our success!

What Our Students Say


My first lesson with Karen was fantastic. She is challenging as she is friendly, and eases you out of your comfort zone to really begin speaking the new language you want to learn. Looking forward to what the future lessons bring!

Eric, NY

Karen is amazing. I loved my time with her. She is incredibly knowledgeable and so easy to work with. She made everything a breeze and best of all I got to feel like I was back in Italy!

Jessica, CA

Karen is a wonderful person and teacher. She is patient, kind and incredible accommodating (with in recon) for scheduling sessions. She has even found time to tech while I am still in the states and she is in Italy for work and vacation. My needs as a learner are very specific to challenges I have with auditory learning and she has been great in adjusting her teaching style to support me.

Jennifer, CA

We are so happy we have Karen as our teacher! I started my two sons, 4 & 8, with her as well as my own lesson with her about 5 weeks ago. She makes learning Italian fun, she's got great energy and is enthusiastic but also patient. Plus she's from Rome so she always makes sure our pronunciation sounds great! We all love our lessons with Karen : )

Malia, HI

Excellent lesson plans and instruction. Karen makes language learning simple and fun.

Chase, GA

Karen has an intuitive sense of a student's needs and abilities and fashions a lesson accordingly. She is a very pleasant and supportive teacher.

Jim, MA

Karen is perfect teacher!

Margarita, IL

She is a very professional instructor, very focus, she is a great option.

Francisco, TX

I loved my lesson! Karen was not only a great instructor but I had so much fun!!

Nancy, TX

Karen has great rapport and a fun way to teach. She's the real deal - "autentica"

Eric, IL

Karen is a great instructor and has tailored our lessons to my specific level and needs. She takes extra time to explain concepts and also spends extra time to provide customized study material between lessons.

Mark, NV

I'm three classes in, and so far am very happy with Karen as a tutor. She is a great teacher, very patient, and has a ton of prepared tools and activities to help scaffold learning the material. She is also well versed in the structure of language so we can talk things like articles, reflexive verbs, etc...!

Donna, CA

My husband, Chuck, and I are taking lessons from Karen and highly recommend her. She is well organized and very patient. She helps us with our objectives for learning Italian. We are going to Italy this year and expect to be capable of communicating and understanding Italian. We just think she is a great teacher and support system for our learning...

Laura, OH

Karen is a fantastic teacher. She pays attention to how much I know, and pitches each class at exactly the right level. I have learned a lot! She listens to what I want to achieve in our lessons and I really appreciate that.
We are doing a lot of speaking about real world situations - shopping, cooking, visiting, ordering food. I could not be happier with Karen and her teaching style.

Laura, NC

I have been learning the Italian language and as a beginner, I reached a point where I was no longer progressing. Prior I was in 2 local classroom settings, using duolingo and using as many internet tools that I could find. I needed something else to move me forward. Karen is helping me with continuing my learning with just the right knowledge of the language for my level. Perfetto!!

Roberto, Vancouver

Success Stories


Meet Laura!

Dr. Laura Roselle started learning Italian in October of 2017 because of her Italian family history and her love for the country. She had been studying on her own for a little while but soon realized she needed someone to converse with and understand the grammar better. In just one year, Laura became fluent and was able to have advanced conversations on her travels to Italy in the summer of 2018. Upon request, LBR (or we?) arranged for her tours to be in Italian and she was able to fully understand the history of Rome in a foreign language! When we asked Laura what her method of study is, she told us that our conversation-heavy lessons made the world of a difference and she was able to practice what she learned in her free time, dedicating one hour a day to this mission. Her fluency goes beyond having simple conversations; she can articulate and explain very intricate topics such as her Italian family history and her career.

Laura is a Professor of Political Science at Elon University, NC but she’s also a passionate entrepreneur with a desire of helping people discover, record and preserve their family history for generations to come.


Meet Hanna

Hanna started taking Italian lessons just at the beginning of August in preparation for her upcoming 10-month Rotary Youth Exchange in a high school in Brescia, Italy. In just a month, with her dedication and many hours of studying outside of class, Hanna learned a great deal of Italian and is now ready to pack her bags for this new adventure.

“Why Italy?” we asked. “Because it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and the language and culture are so intriguing!” she responded.

Hanna graduated in May of 2018 from Jefferson City High School, Missouri and plans to attend the University of Arkansas upon her return pursuing a degree in mathematics or international business.


Meet Bob

Robert started taking Italian lessons in March of 2017 and was one of my very first students! From the very beginning I loved his passion for Italian art and architecture and his enthusiasm to learn the language. He was very quick to learn and because of his excitement, I often had to remind him that it was okay to slow down and use simple sentences. However, he is an overachiever and has always tried to convey everything in Italian… and if he didn’t know a word he’d make it up! We still break out laughing when Bob comes up with a new neologism. After countless hours of dedications, not just during our lessons but on his own, and two short trips to Firenze, Bob has reached an amazing level of Italian being able to describe his crazy adventures as well as understanding what it’s been said to him.

Robert works in finance, currently in California, and is planning to take some extended time off to travel all across Italy.

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