How to Make Authentic Italian “Biscotti”

How to Make Authentic Italian “Biscotti”

Would you buy packaged biscotti if I told you that making them can become a 15-minute fun process? Perhaps, you can make some for your Valentine?!

Check out this video to learn how to make authentic and delicious Italian cantucci!


burro/butter 125g/4.4 oz

zucchero/sugar 200gr/7 oz

zucchero a velo/powdered sugar 100gr/3.5 oz

uova/eggs 3 (+1 if you want to brush it on the cantucci)

sale/salt 5gr/0.1 oz

vanillina a little touch

anice/aniseed 15g/0.5 oz

mandorle/almonds 200gr/7 oz

farina/flour 500gr/17.6 oz

lievito/yeast 15gr/0.5 oz

buccia di limone/lemon skin 1

Other Italian words in the video: ciotola/bowl padella/pan teglia/baking pan carta da forno/baking sheet or paper.

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